31 People Who Are Exercising Wrong

Summer time is right around the corner so many people are heading back to the gym and getting their body ready for the pool and barbecues. Getting back into the swing of things isn’t always an easy feet. Here are 31 people who are exercising wrong.

1. This kid who dunks and gets dunked

basketball kid fail


2. This boxer who needs a little more training

boxer falls kicking bag


3. This chick who can almost do a one handed push up

girl 1 handed push up fail


4. This lady who really knows how to work those quads

girl doest know how to workout fail


5. This high jumper who is a tad off

girl high jump fail


6. This chick who can do a pull up

girl trying to pull up falls fail


7. This guy who is a gym innovator

guy at gym fail


8. This lady who catches up on the news while working out

guy at gym reading newspaper


9. This guy who isnt quite fast enough

guy doing push ups fail


10. This guy who needs a new tv…and a new cat.

guy doing situps fail


11. This guy who isn’t doing squats right

guy doing squats fail


12. This guy who has too much trust

guy falls doing pull ups fail


13. This guy who falls in a trash bin

guy falls fail workout


14. This daredevil who probably wont be in the Olympics

guy falls of cliff fail


15. This guy who is showing off for his girlfriend on his webcam

guy falls workout fail


16. This kid who will probably never use a Resistance band again.

guy hit face workout fail


17. This kid who isnt quite boxing right…

guy kicking falls fail workout


18. This big fellow who invented a new way to bench press

guy liftiing wrong fail


19. This guy who won’t be able to breathe for the next 2 minutes

guy pull up bar fail


20. This guy who thinks a pipe is a good thing to do a pull up on.

guy pullup ceiling fail


21. This guy who works out in comfort

guy sittiing on treadmil


22. This guy who is skinnier than he looks

guy swimming fail


23. This guy who gets a little tied up

gym fail


24. This kid who gymnasticsizes wrong

kid gymnastics fail


25. These kids who try to use team work

kids doing situps fail


26. This lady who is very confident

lady jumping bars fail


27. This lady who isnt very bouncy

lady trampoline fail


28. This guy because screw him

pool kayak fail


29. This chick for trying to do push ups in the kitchen

pushups in kitchen fail


30. This guy who gets 5 lbs to the face

situp fail kids


31. This guy who pops trow…

weight guy gym fail


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